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Governor Gordon's Mental Health Initiative

Reforming the Wyoming Behavioral Health System 

Governor Gordon has committed to elevating the conversation of behavioral health care in Wyoming. He is committed to embracing a philosophical shift from a culture deeply rooted in independence and self-reliance that fosters a narrative of “pull yourself up by your bootstraps,” to a culture of resilience and acceptance that supports a new narrative of “it’s okay to not be okay.”

The Governor’s initiative combined with the current Community Behavioral Health Reform creates potential for monumental change in behavioral health services for Wyoming residents. The next generation of Wyoming residents has the potential to maintain the independent spirit of the west while embracing the value of connectedness and helping your neighbor.

To learn more about Governor Gordon’s Mental Health Initiative and Wyoming’s commitment to advancing behavioral health services, review Wyoming’s Behavioral Health Systemic Reform Package, a report on embracing a culture of change to ensure all Wyoming residents have the ability to live their best lives.

There are five pillars that will drive changes for behavioral health in Wyoming. Each of these pillars is critical in establishing an infrastructure to support policy, program development, and local implementation.


Ensuring all Wyoming residents can receive services to support their health and well-being


Ensuring all Wyoming residents can afford the care needed to live their best lives


Ensuring all Wyoming residents have the highest quality individuals serving their needs


Ensuring Wyoming pursues new innovations and stays current with evolving best practices

Cultural Shift

Ensuring Wyoming normalizes conversations of helping oneself and helping others

The Governor’s initiative is focused on developing and strengthening the foundational components of a successful behavioral health system including developing a common language, developing and expanding support services, and ensuring adequate resources exist for decreasing the stigma associated with seeking behavioral health services. 

Through a strong foundation of collaboration, Wyoming will be able to align efforts, prioritize individuals with the greatest needs, find efficiency and minimize duplication of efforts.